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This page contains some FREE downloads.  Enjoy!

Honestly, who gives anything away for FREE?  There is always some kind of "catch".  Some "free" things are marketing strategies.  Some are for eliciting donations.  Some want to grow memberships, etc.
What is my "catch"?  I believe that Excel is a very powerful tool that is most often under-utilized.  I want you to be able to "see" what it might be able to do for YOU and YOUR business.  If I can help the efficiency of your business, if I can help increase productivity and decrease margins of error for your business, then both of us will benefit!

Phone Number Converter
Phone Number Converter
Find phone numbers that spell words related to your business.

Click on the image above to download this free software.

Phone Number Converter

This software is designed to be a simple method for generating potential Custom Phone Numbers for your business.
BEFORE you call and order a phone for your business.  BEFORE you purchase a Toll Free NumberBEFORE you buy a Business Cell PhoneYou should USE THIS TOOL!
You can enter your existing phone number to see if there are any possible business related words that your number can spell.  Or you can enter specific words related to your business and come up with number combinations that will spell those words.  You would do this prior to ordering your phone service.

The Spreadsheet Savings Calculator
The Spreadsheet Savings Calculator
Download this file to calculate how much advanced spreadsheets could save you!

Click on the image above to download this free software.

The Spreadsheets Savings Calculator

This spreadsheet was created to give you tangible "real-life" examples of how MUCH MONEY properly designed and programmed spreadsheets can save you.
Download this FREE and FULLY FUNCTIONAL file.  Plug in some "real" numbers from your business and see how much you might be able to save.

Microsoft Office Specialist - Excel 2010

Microsoft Office Specialist - Word 2010

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Note:  My current rate for Excel work is $35 per hour.
My current rate for Consulting work is $50 per hour.
All work is performed in Excel 2003, 2007 or 2010.
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