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Most businesses own Microsoft Office products, but many do not even begin to use the power that they contain.

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that could be of great benefit to most businesses, especially to small businesses.  Why purchase expensive software, when Microsoft Excel is often more than adequate to meet the job requirements!

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Custom Created and Customized Spreadsheets!

Our experience includes:
  • Spreadsheet development since 1988
  • Employment as a Risk Manager
  • Employment as a Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Employment as a Quality Assurance Manager
  • Employment as a Data Analyst
  • Tested and proven advanced Excel skills
  • A Six Sigma Yellow Belt.
  • Constant usage of these skills on a daily basis with very positive results

Custom Created Spreadsheets:
In many cases, businesses have unique needs.  They often need specialized analysis and data review that does not exist in a pre-packaged solution.  In cases like this, we start from scratch and create a sheet designed specifically to meet those requirements.

Pre-Designed Spreadsheets:
In other cases, we may already have a pre-designed spreadsheet that can meet the needs of your business.  Sometimes, these sheets might be a perfect match just as they are, or we may have to customize the existing sheet to be a better fit for your business.
How does this work?
1)  We arrange a FREE Consultation and determine if a spreadsheet will be the right fit to meet your needs.
2)  If a spreadsheet is the proper approach for your business, we will estimate how many hours of work will be needed to create or customize your sheet.
3)  Please look below for our current rate.  Our quote will be based on the currently posted rate multiplied by the number of estimated hours.
4)  The quoted price will be based on complete project details.
I believe very strongly in treating others the same way that I would want to be treated!  Let's talk.

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Microsoft Office Specialist - Excel 2010

Microsoft Office Specialist - Word 2010

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Robert Dallmann's Spreadsheet Solutions
Phone:  (716) 283-1444 
Note:  My current rate for Excel work is $35 per hour.
My current rate for Consulting work is $50 per hour.
All work is performed in Excel 2003, 2007 or 2010.
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